Government Services

The following links provide local, provincial, and federal government information. We have also included Canadian reference sites such as Canada411, Canada Post and Canada Revenue.

Local Government Information

Township of Asphodel-Norwood

The Township website provides information about the Town Council, by-laws, taxes, business and community events, to name a few.

Peterborough County

This website provides information about the entire county, including government departments, services, and facilities with links to townships, communities, business, lodging, sights and attractions in the County of Peterborough.

City of Peterborough

The seat of Peterborough County, this website provides information and services that encompass the entire county.

Provincial and Federal Government Information

Canada and Government of Ontario

This is a comprehensive list of services provided by the federal and provincial governments.

Government of Ontario

For all government services, forms, and information, this is the place to go.

Service Ontario

A part of the Government of Ontario website, Service Ontario provides information to renew your driver’s license, get a health card, or find a government job, as well as many other services provided to residents of our province.

Government of Canada

For all things Canadian, this website provides the information you need.

Service Canada

Like Service Ontario, this website provides information and assistance to access programs and services on the federal level.

Canada Benefits

No matter what province you live in, this website can help you find what benefit programs are available to you from both provincial and federal agencies.

Canada Revenue

For all things tax related, this website has the information you need.

Other Important Information


This website provides access to phone numbers and address for people and business in Canada.

Canada Post

This website provides information and services for postal codes, mail rates and parcel tracking, as well as many other services offered by Canada Post.


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