How You Have Helped

Your support of the Asphodel-Norwood Public Library has been remarkable. Children’s and adult literacy programming, new books, and shorter wait lists are just a few ways that your support has made a difference over the years. Thank you!

Your donations have helped open a world of information and ideas to many by creating and supporting a number of special services including:

Home Delivery Service

Your support contributed to this much needed service to provide homebound patrons with access to regular delivery of books and materials.

Audio Book Collection

Your support contributed to increasing our popular Audio Book collection, an essential resource for patrons unable to use printed materials.

Large Print Book Collection

Your support contributed to increasing our Large Print Book collection, an essential resource for sight challenged patrons in need of larger sized text.

Born to Read

Your support of this early literacy program introduces young families to the resources available at the public library and fosters a love of reading with donations of Born to Read book bags and Books for Babies kits.

Children’s Programming

Your support contributed to year-round children’s programs, serving hundreds of young children, youth, teens and parents.

With your support, we can continue to offer these much needed services, plus develop new ones. You can specify a library service which you wish to support by providing the appropriate information to one of our librarians. We will forward your contribution to that service. If you believe in a strong public library, then become a friend of the ANPL! For more information, please call 639-2228

Love your Library, donate today!

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