Reading Clubs

“And this is the real pleasure of reading: not just the search for facts and information, which we can get just as well from other forms of media, but the connection to another human mind and heart that we can only experience when we enter a world that someone else has created.”

Why Join A Reading Group/Book Club?

Here’s a chance to read fabulous new books and expand your social life. Why not join a book club or start up your own? It’s the ideal way to indulge your literary passion and at the same time share ideas and socialize with others. Asphodel-Norwood Public Library has a book club at our Westwood Branch on the third Wednesday of each month, or you can start your own book club using our book club collections – a set of 10 books are available at each branch.

There are so many reasons to join a book club or start your own. They can be an excellent way to enjoy books more and challenge your mind; they can also encourage you to read more, or to read books that you might not normally choose. Most people join a book club, or start their own, in order to have fun, make friends, stimulate the brain cells and meet like minded people!

Future Book Clubs

We are looking for interested people to start book clubs. We can help you get started, all you need is a love of reading and an open mind. Some ideas for future book clubs include Teens, Family, Classics, genre-related (such as The Cozy Mystery Book Club), and non-fiction book clubs. Let us know your interests so we can get reading!

Westwood Book Club (18+)

The Asphodel-Norwood Public Library Book Club meets every third Wednesday 6pm. at the Westwood Branch. Everyone is welcome to attend. No sign up or registration is necessary. Limited copies of this month’s selection are available at the check out counter.

Selected members take turns leading the Club and provide some background information about the book to get things flowing. All members are encouraged to share their opinions and a lively discussion ensues over coffee.

This book club offers a variety of fiction and non-fiction from various genres, and may be amended as the Book Club proceeds.

Where do you go to grow? Try your public library. A visit will get you thinking!